Friday, 14 August 2015

"...your nerve system, your heart...Music is an expression of life"
- Elliot Hammond (Delta Riggs)

Words From Writers was created as a result of thinking about the issue of accessibility in festivals.  Throughout the festival I began asking 'who is here?' and "who is not here?"
Below is a list of some questions I began to ask regarding some impediments affecting community accessibility to festivals:

  • Is the festival ticketed?
  • Where has it been advertised?
  • Is it in English, and if so are there any translation services?
  • What about technologies and services for people requiring assistance with hearing, vision or mobility as well as other factors?

    We (Writers in Action) had been discussing the festival as a bubble of sorts. A space that although taking place within a town or city is almost engulfed by an invisible skin. This invisible membrane of the festival is one of the key elements, a commonality of purpose and passion shared by those in attendence and presenting. However this membrane can also be a barrier seperating those within and those 'on the outside'.
    Therefor the idea came to my mind that I would like to do something that presented an opening up of the festival membrane. My answer to creating this 'opening' was by planting quotations from presenting authors around the city of Bendigo.
On small paper tags I referenced quotes from selected authors and placed them around the city.
Below I  have included a few pictures of the tags placed throughout Bendigo.

My hope is that we can find new ways of interacting with space, passion and writing whilst keeping on extending the skin of the festival out just that bit more.

 "Writing is hard work for me, and i do it because i want to work through and resolve certain things."
-John Marsden